My Upcoming Hawaiian Cruise

Your Cruise Girl's Carnival Cruise Countdown

I’ve been to Hawaii once before when I was 16. That was quite some time ago. I traveled there with my Mom and Gramma as I so often did as a child. They gave me my love for travel. It was always just the three of us up until the time Gramma could no longer travel.

We always took land vacations with my grandmother. We’ve gone to places like St. Thomas, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Hawaii. Once Gramma stopped traveling, Mom and I started cruising and as you can tell by my moniker, we are absolutely addicted. We often tried to convince Gramma to join us on a cruise, since there was so much on the boat she would enjoy, but she always said two things:

1. “I can’t drink all that water.”
2. “You can take me on a cruise when I die.”

Can you tell that my gramma was a straight talker? Lol

Unfortunately, Gramma passed away on November 10th. So, when it was time to make her arrangements, Mom and I agreed that we should take her on a cruise and have a burial at sea.

At first, we thought we would just take a quick 3 night cruise, but Gramma would never travel anywhere for just 3 nights. She always liked trips that were a week or longer. Then we started looking at a 7 day out of San Juan. The itinerary was nice, but only a few of the islands were islands Gramma really loved. Still doing just a general search, this Hawaii cruise came up. A 15 day cruise that visited several of the islands. We knew this was the one. One of the last places she spoke of before she passed was Hawaii. She spent a whole day talking about it. How could we not do this for her? So, we’re booked.

I’m normally so ecstatically happy to have a cruise booked, but I’m a little anxious about this one. I have no doubt in my mind that we are giving Gramma her last wish, but this will be the last time the three of us will travel together. She’ll be with us when we go, but she won’t be coming back…

I’ve heard that a cruise can be healing during a period of grief. I hope this will be true for Mom and I.

We’re 16 days out from going on a 15 day cruise. Pre-planning is on overdrive and I will share that with you soon.

Until next I write…

Your Cruise Girl


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