Hawaii Pre-Planning: The Hotel

So, when we booked this cruise, we were only 25 days out. 😳

That’s less than a month to plan for a 15 day cruise that leaves right after Thanksgiving and returns right before Christmas. This will definitely be a test of my organizational skills.

We’re on the east coast and the ship leaves out of Long Beach, CA. Got our flights booked. We looked at flying directly into Long Beach, but flights were cheaper flying into LAX. I booked Super Shuttle for the trip to the hotel and back from the port after the cruise.

Now for the hotel…

I belong to a forum called Cruise Critics and they recommended a couple of the regular hotels in Long Beach. They were mostly major chains with the amenities you would expect. But there was one hotel that was recommended that was a little different. It was The Queen Mary. That’s right, the old ship. It’s now a hotel. Trip Advisor has it listed with a 4/5 of almost 3,000 reviews. With so much history, it’s nice that you get an audio tour of the ship and discounts to the other attractions.

We’re booked for the Family Stateroom with 2 Queen beds. The room has a port hole.

Photo of Family Stateroom with 2 Queen Beds

Now, based on what I’ve read, the rooms don’t always look like they do on the website. The site does say that each room is different and I will keep in mind how old the ship is. I told my mom that there were reports of ghosts and she seemed excited by that. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I’m up for a new experience. I can stay at a major chain hotel anywhere, but I can only stay at the Queen Mary when I’m in Long Beach. Plus, it has the added benefit of literally being walking distance from the Carnival Port.

I think it’s also kinda cool to stay on a boat before I get on a boat. 😊

Here’s a video to tell you a little bit about the ship:

And this will be going on while we’re there…

Until I write again…

Your Cruise Girl


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