Where has the Time Gone?



Like, I have just 5 days to get it together! While I feel like I’m not prepared, I can say that I have been steadily checking things off my list.

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving!

I made the usual – Cornish hen, stuffing, Mac & cheese, and an almond pound cake. Mom made cabbage. It was good and filling. I am officially fat. Lol

Anywho, I’m washing clothes, shopping for those last minute necessities, shopping (and crafting) for Christmas, cleaning and preparing the close up the house, packing and let’s not forget Black Friday shopping. Sheesh! I’m tired just typing all of that! Lol

In the next couple of days, my calendar is full of random little tasks and errands like going to the bank, filling prescriptions at the pharmacy, and putting a hold on the mail.

I feel like I’m gonna overpack and forget something. You ever do that?

I was gonna have this post be about the excursions we booked, but I need a little more down-time to get that posted. Maybe next post.

Until I write again,

Your Cruise Girl


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