What’s on Your Bucket List?

It’s almost 2015. 2014 has been quite interesting for me. The last trip I took, which was to honor my Grandmother’s life, actually inspired me to live more. By her example, she encouraged me to experience new things with the people I love. And so, that is what I’ve decided to do. There are a million places I want to go, but the following 5 are on my immediate to-do list:

1. Cruise to Alaska
After making the trip to the left coast and struggling to acclimate to the time change for about a week, I’ve decided that the experience was worth it. There is nothing stopping me from doing it again to see Alaska. While I’m a hardcore Carnival girl, the Alaska trip is going to have to be on Royal Caribbean because they have the Alaska Cruisetours which include the wondrous glass-domed Wilderness Express!


2. The Napa Valley Wine Train
Yes, another trip to the left coast. But who doesn’t want to take a trip whose focus is drinking wine? Olivia Pope would heartily approve!


3. New England/Canadian Cruise
So, umm, yeah, I’m originally from the northeast, but I haven’t had an opportunity to visit places like Boston and Portland. An itinerary like this:

Day 1 New York, NY
Day 2 Fun Day At Sea —
Day 3 Boston, MA
Day 4 Portland, ME
Day 5 Saint John, NB, Canada
Day 6 Halifax, NS, Canada
Day 7 Fun Day At Sea
Day 8 New York, NY

4. Hawaii (Again)
I missed my luau due to an itinerary change (more on that later). Who goes to Hawaii and doesn’t do a luau? Apparently, I do. But there is already a plan in place to rectify this. I also didn’t see any whales on my trip and I’d like to do an excursion just for that.


5. A Solo Cruise
While I absolutely love traveling with my friends and family, I want to do a cruise by myself and experience travel all on my terms. I can stay in the room all day or be out all night without having to consult or notify anybody. No compromises while on vacation!

What’s on your bucket list?


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