Planning the Family Cruise

After an unplanned hiatus where I didn’t come back and tell you about Christmas in Pigeon Forge, I am excited to tell you about my upcoming cruise this summer with the family.

We will be on Carnival’s newest ship, the Vista this July.  It’ll be me, Mom, my brother, niece, sister and her husband.  It’s my sister’s first cruise and she is a type-a planner like myself, so she wanted to have a meeting to go over everything.  At first, I was hesitant, but as we got closer, I got excited about planning for the meeting.  I’m an administrative professional, so organizing things is what I’m good at.  I pulled together a packet of information for each of us.

Family Cruise Meeting Packet
Family Cruise Meeting Packet

I was very proud of myself.

We talked about how the 6 of us planned to get to port.  My sister, being the type-a planner that she is, had already purchased her airline tickets.  My brother doesn’t like to fly, so he was hoping we could “rent a van and sing songs.” Well, not the sing songs part, but he was disappointed that she was flying.  Mom and I were already leaning toward flying since it would be about a 12 hour drive.  I don’t want to spend all day trying to get to my destination (unless of course I’m cruising there.  That’s different 😜). I want to get there and be able to enjoy the beginning part of my vacation. My pre-vacation vacation, if you will.  Under peer pressure, my brother decided to fly.  He’s a little thrifty, so he immediately started hawking airfare prices.  They’re a little high now, even for my blood.  But, we’ll probably book soon just to get it out of the way.

We talked about transportation to and from the port, choices in hotel (I’m a Hilton girl) and even looked at excursions (we’ll have a BBQ at my sister’s house after final payment to choose excursions).

I walked away with homework:

  1. Look for some adventure-type excursions (my niece insists)
  2. Look for possible 2018 cruises (I already have some ideas)
  3. Look for cruises to Hawaii for 2019

And now, not only am I excited for the cruise, I’m excited for these pre-cruise planning meetings.  Planning the details of the cruise is almost as exciting as the cruise itself!

Does planning get you excited for your trip? Do you have any cruise planning rituals? 

Until next time,

Your Cruise Girl


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