About These Flights…


So, we paid off our cruise and now we’re ready to go! Time to book hotels and airfare, right?  Wrong!  I’m looking for round-trip, non-stop airfare from Charlotte to Miami.  Should be easy right?  Should be relatively affordable one would think.  I mean, Charlotte is a hub for American Airlines and Miami is a major international airport.

But, before I get too deep into my whining, let me come clean. I’m discerning.  Some might call that picky LOL.  I want specific flights on specific dates and times.  Is that wrong?  Call me decisive. I see what I want and I focus on that goal.  That’s a good thing, right? So here’s what I want:

Non-stop Charlotte outbound on Friday morning between 9am – 11am

Non-stop Miami outbound on Sunday afternoon between 12pm – 2pm

These flights exist, but at an exorbitant price. Are you ready? *drumroll please*



Yeah, you’re probably thinking the same thing I am: WTF? On what planet does it cost $480 to fly anywhere for 2 hours?  What kinda fuel are they using? Sigh…

So, now it’s just the waiting game. But can my nerves take it if the price goes up more?  Will my thrifty self be able to actually purchase a $500 ticket to Miami?  I don’t know.  But I’m gonna stop looking at these prices for a moment so that my head doesn’t explode.


Until next time,

Your Cruise Girl


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