The Countdown Begins!

As you know, a cruise countdown is a perpetual thing for me. I’ve decided to dedicate a good portion of my life to cruising.  I literally work to cruise.  So here’s my latest.

66 Days to go!

We are ready!

We ended up getting flights to Ft. Lauderdale for $377. Still a little higher than I wanted, but not that ridiculous $480. Here’s where we stand:

  • Flights ✔️
  • Hotel ✔️
  • Ground transportation ✔️
  • Excursions ✔️

Here’s what’s left to do:

  • Shopping – I need new sneakers and sandals.  I’m trying to graduate from flip flops, but they’re so comfortable and easy!  I could also use a few new maxi dresses and maybe a new bathing suit.  The bathing suit depends on whether or not I can successfully bring sexy back. 😜
  • Packing – I just got the packing cubes I ordered from eBags. We’ll see if it actually works and keeps my suitcase organized.

  • Choose my entertainment – I always take several books and load my iPad up with movies.  It’s only an 8-day cruise, but vacation is when I do most of my reading and watching movies.  I’ll do a separate post to let you know what I picked out.
  • Prepare the house – I always like to come back to a clean house.  Coming home from vacation is depressing enough without having to look at a mess when you get home.
  • Prepare a meal – After 8 days of pampering and having every meal served, I know I don’t want to cook on my first couple of nights back.  So, I prepare and freeze a meal (or two) so that I only have to reheat when I get home.  I’m still gonna be looking for the MDR (Main Dining Room) for a while. 😂

There are other little odds and ends I have to take care of, but those are the major ones.  Now, if I could just fast forward time… ⏱

Until next time,

Your Cruise Girl


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