When Your Friends and Family Just Don’t Get It


Is there something you do or are passionate about that some people just don’t understand?  That’s me and cruising.  I literally work to cruise.

I was recently reminded of this in a cruising Facebook group I belong to.  One of the members posted that her Facebook friends were really negative towards her cruise countdown posts.  As a group of people who also love to cruise, we whole-heartedly welcomed her countdown – she’s under 100 days.

It’s an interesting phenomena how people don’t like what they don’t understand.  My Dad, for years, talked about cruising like it was a dirty word.  He said he didn’t need to go on a cruise because he’d been all the places cruises go.  The food wasn’t that great (although he wouldn’t know because he’d never been).  The countries they visit are poor and depressed.  Cruising just isn’t that great.  Until he went on one last year.  When he got back, he was so over-the-top excited to share his experiences.  The same experiences that I’d already had and had tried to convince him he should try because cruising IS great!

It would be my dream to convert everyone into serial cruisers.  It’s taking me some time, but they are coming along.  This upcoming cruise there are 7 of us.  And we ordered shirts!  It’s gonna be fun!  Some of the very people that didn’t understand why I cruised so much are the same people who are already dreading being kicked off the ship on the last day.

So what does it all mean?  You just keep doing you and enjoying life.  People will either get on board or watch you sail by.  I’m sailing!  How about you?


Until next time,

Your Cruise Girl


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